Dear Friends,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us at Conference Week 2013, to be held in The Hague, The Netherlands, from the 10th September to the 13th September.

Last year’s conference in Prague in the new format was a great success.  Clubs embraced the changes and appreciated the interactivity and variety.

This year’s theme for Conference Week is “Connected for the Future.” It focusses on the challenges that clubs are facing – how to remain relevant in times of technical changes, how to turn threat into opportunity and how to learn from others and to benefit from shared innovations and new thinking. 

With strategic sessions, interactive workshops and open discussions, you’ll have the chance to hear some future-oriented thinking, connecting it to your own experiences and exchange ideas on best practice and emerging trends, all within a truly international arena.

Conference Week will give you insights into emerging trends and opportunities. We encourage you to participate and to be an integral part of shaping the successful future of our organisations.

It is also a special occasion as we are guests of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Toeristenbond (ANWB), the Dutch mobility club, which in celebrating its 130th anniversary this year, is the oldest club in the FIA family.

So register quickly and let us welcome you in September at this important FIA Mobility event.


With best wishes


Jean TODT                                                       Brian GIBBONS
FIA President          FIA Deputy President, Automobile Mobility and Tourism

Dear Presidents and Delegates,

Cycling and the Netherlands belong together like Michael Schumacher and Formula 1. No less than 84% of all Dutch people own a bike, and a staggering 18 million bikes fill our streets – twice as many as the total number of cars in our country.

With figures like these, you would almost forget that 130 years ago cycling was something quite new. Yet it was in 1883 that some enthusiastic young Dutch cyclists started a club in order to promote their common interests. And over time that club became today’s Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB.

This year we will celebrate our 130th anniversary, and for this reason the FIA Conference Week will take place in the Netherlands. Cycling will definitely be on the agenda, but we will also have time to discuss the most recent developments in mobility that will have a great impact on our members and our clubs.   

I am looking forward to meeting you in The Hague in September.

With kind regards,

Guido van Woerkom

President & CEO

Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB