Sightseeing guide tour of The Hague - by bicycle or boat

Cycling through The Hague

Day: Friday 13 September at 14.00
Meeting point: Lobby of the Hilton Hotel at 13.45
Duration: 2,5 - 3 hours

Discover The Hague by bike and through the eyes of a local!

This enjoyable bike ride will give you a new view of The Hague and its surroundings. The bicycle, the traditional Dutch means of transportation, affords cyclists a more direct experience of the places they pass along their way. Your guides on this bike ride are striking personalities from The Hague who are happy to share their stories about life – past and present - in the city with you.

During the bike tour, you’ll also discover some of the diverse bike facilities in the Netherlands.

Please note:

  • A bicycle tour is relaxing, enjoyable and not tiring!
  • If you’d like a bicycle helmet, please state this when registering

Please indicate if you’d prefer to bike together with someone else on a tandem bike (you won’t be sitting alone on the bike).


Experience The Hague by boat

Day: Friday 13 September at 14:15
Meeting point: Lobby of the Hilton Hotel at 14:00
Duration: 2 hours

Discover The Hague by water

You will be able to see The Hague from a different perspective in an open boat - ponchos will be provided when necessary. The tour takes you through old and new parts of The Hague, under bridges and through tunnels.

The canals of The Hague are over 400 years old. They were created for the city's defences around 1612. From the water, you will see a variety of marvellous buildings and special places, among them the Royal Stables and the Royal Gardens. You will also see the former houses of famous Dutch historical figures such as 17th-century painters Paulus Potter, Jan Steen and Jan van Goyen and philosopher Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza. Naturally, the tour will be given in English.